Things Flash can do that HTML 5 can't -- need help!

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Things Flash can do that HTML 5 can't -- need help!

Postby MediaDave » Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:42 am

Hi all,

I work in a office with a lot of non-Flash developers who insist the combination of CSS, Javascript (canvas), and HTML 5 can do everything Flash can. I have a bet that I can find at least two dozen things Flash can do that these cannot.

So far I'm sure of
Video capture
Audio capture

I'm pretty sure of (but need to confirm and expand)
Some audio control / detection
Some graphic manipulation / pixel control
Some graphic things that can be done without GPU / Direct X

Anyway, here is my start. If anyone has some obvious ones to add to the list, please do!

(As an aside, this list would be nice for just the general hey-I've-heard-Flash-is-dead-from-some-blog passers by)
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Re: Things Flash can do that HTML 5 can't -- need help!

Postby ickydime » Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:31 pm

There are many examples (just look at cue points on videos & interactivity on videos..); however, instead of getting caught up in a grocery feature list, I think the main point of contention is market distribution/compatibility.

1. ask your co-workers if an HTML5 based site can be viewed on 98% internet enabled of computers?
2. ask them if they can make one version of an HTML5 site that works across all browsers/os combinations?
3. can they make one version of a video in HTML5 that will work across the latest version of the 3 major browsers out there?

HTML5, as a buzzword, is a combination of technologies with great potential but have yet to be completely hashed out and will take a long time before the open source community will agree, the browsers will implement, and the developers will be able to make main stream products for the consumers at large.
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