Object moving around a route

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Object moving around a route

Postby peto85 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:11 pm

Hi there.

This is the scenario for the question: I have a static road map image in the stage. I want a display object to follow a route around some points on the map and then stop. The route will have curves and i can't describe it in an array of coordinates. I know I can achieve something like that on Flash CS5 with a classic animation plus a guide layer. But I will like to know if I can do it un pure AS3.

I can't think of any idea, not sure if will be even possible. AFAIK, i would be able to include a symbol in a swc library and export the route shape (the lines drawing the route), but I don't know what could I do with it after. Also i have explored the tool for copying an animation from the flash ide, but still no luck.

Any help?
Thanks in advance.
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